Get to know The UnkNWn of the North West.

The UnkNWn UFOs

Enigmatic characters are notorious for evoking curiosity and so when the title you identify with is enigmatic, the world wonders what it is that you represent or whether you represent anything at all. Nevertheless if your mind is active, the same curiosity that killed the Cat should scratch your back until you succumb to intrigue and endeavor to find out what it is that (x) represents. (Yeah my back’s a little sore, just a slight sting, it’s nothing, thanks for asking). So in the this instance “x” = The UnkNWn. I recently caught up with this particular collective of artists who respond to ‘The UnkNWn’, to delve into the understanding of who they are and the contribution they have made to the UK’s Rap/Hip Hop scene with their debut track U.F.Os. Before their space shuttle lands, due in 3 minutes and 30 seconds, here is U.F.Os. Produced by B Corder.

For those of us who are yet to step into the UnkNWn, let us know who you are, what you do, why you do it and where you’re from?

The UnkNWn is a group of individuals that can’t be defined by a genre or style. Made up of General Havok, NA, Effy, Hiro, MoodyKURO and Probl£matic. We’re wordsmiths that use instrumentation to help tell our story. As cliche as it sounds, we do this for the love of the sport, the adrenaline rush we get from contorting words to paint pictures is what fuels us personally. As the name suggests, we are all North West London residents, born and bred.

Why the mysterious name and how did it come about? Is there method behind the enigma?

The name The UnkNWn allows the music to do the talking and lets the listeners take from it what they want. It comes from the inability to confine ourselves to the typical definitions associated with Rap and Hip Hop. We are a collective but all have our own individual styles and voices. Names usually limit groups, but the name ‘The UnkNWn’ could fit into any genre from Rap to Rock and hold weight. It’s intriguing and makes you think.

How did you all meet and begin making music together? Have you known each other for some time, or was this a brand new instant connection?

We’ve known each other from genesis. We’ve all travelled in near enough the same social group for ages without any immediate association to music. We all want to make real meaningful music that transcends time and the music scene can be very cut throat so it made sense to kick the door down with people we trust and build something more than 16bars and freestyle.

What do you want the listener to feel when they hear your music or more specifically, what do you want the listener to feel when they hear U.F.Os?

Euphoria. Well we just want them to feel how we felt while making the song, real music’s all about emotions and vibes. We want people to be happy with UK rappers you know, we feel like the standard is way too low, barely anyone is making timeless music. U.F.Os is a f*****g movie. We made that song at like 5am, wrote it in the studio. We just want you to feel good, gassed and trippy! Haha we were.

Where are you taking us next musically, what can we anticipate from The UnkNWn?

Next we are delving deeper into The UnkNWn, tugging at your thought strings and causing more whiplash than a pile up on the a406. Be ready and expect the unexpected. The Remedy from General Havok is out now, Fruit Salad from NA and Coldest Winter from Effy are being sculpted as we speak.

One of your most recent stream of tweets was extremely cryptic, I’d like to talk about that a little. What does this all signify? What does the 999 represent and maybe even where are you going with this?

 999 was the emergency.

#DONTCALL999 can save u from the emergency.

Where am I going with this?

To save the world.

If u ever get curious, remember the constant, The UnkNWn.

The Revolution already started. It’s hidden in plain sight.


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Step in to The UnkNWn.

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