We get two new Bonkaz tracks in response to the comments made by a mainstream newspaper


They tried last year, couldn’t kill me, I’m even stronger this time. Never gonna work. – Bonkaz


Bonkaz was a special guest on the chicken connoisseur show and he went to south London to try their Morley’s and because its something Bonkaz grew up eating he was the right person to do it alongside the connoisseur and it was something he found entertaining and even gave a freestyle at the end, and chicken Connoisseur himself stated that he rated Bonkaz’s music and its because of him he called wings, Wings n Dat!

But what followed showed the public that the They’s in the world will use anything and everything to make sure some don’t win. We don’t even want to say the publications name as we don’t want to give them shine but they tried to drag Bonkaz in the the mud for the second time in under a year for something that he has had to deal with earlier in his life and has come up and discussed last year on Not For The Radio and cleared up everything from his side.

The article that was published was such a reach that they used chicken connoisseur’s face as their way to push the article and for that they hold a huge L.

But he wasn’t the same man he was last year and it didn’t trigger him like they expected, in face it did the opposite it fuelled hi to drop music and address it the way he knows best and gave us 2 Jay Jay Musika produced tracks to free up all he felt about the situation and let us know that he is a survivor and the same trick used last year wasn’t going to work twice, and like the fresh prince he is cool calm and find humour in the situation.

Our founder actually had something to say regarding the situation and couldn’t believe that this is what certain publications are doing to bring a young black man making a living though what he loves down:

‘The article I read was such a reach and it was clear to everyone the publication was are trying to not only diminish the hard work Bonkaz took to get out of the space they put him in previously but drag another hard working black man in Chicken Connoisseur.

I pride myself knowing Certified UK isn’t for the gossip or the hear say, quality talent only and you can see that Bonkaz handled the situation well and anyone with any sense saw it was a straight draw out and deserve the biggest L.

We are here to empower future generations with positivity and independence to do great things anything else is irrelevant.’ – Nick Asiama

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