Gonna get Dirrty!

Remember when we used to think trackies and bombers were only for cosy boy days? Yeah well, fashion has since dispelled that myth! Two piece trackies are gorgeous, and as you know, some brands do it better than others.


It’s not everyday that you want to stick to your typical black or grey joggers or your Nike Tech fleece, and for the ladies… you still want to look cute! Well, look no further as UK based brand, Dirrty Swag, provides us with the hottest two-pieces ranging from canary yellow neoprene to sultry mauve… we can imagine stepping up in the club with these feeling oh so fly!

With Fashion Week around the corner, we’re wondering who we might see in this ensemble on the streets of London.  For those who are weather conscious, dont worry, they also do trousers! These two pieces allow you to look chic in any occasion. We’re looking forward to some more autumnal colours as such as burnt orange (hint hint). This is definitely a piece to take with you on a winter sun vacay. Despite being called Dirrty Swag each item is super clean and every girl should have a piece in her wardrobe!

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