Hail up Angel as he continues to pioneer R&B from his West London studio

We really need to give credit where is due and with everyone now hailing up R&B vibes here in the UK they are a few who truly embrace it and understand that dedicated their life to music and it turned Angel into a rockstar and when we spoke to him a while back in our Words To the rise series he made it clear to us there isn’t anyone that has been doing this like he does and a lot of artists have taken inspiration on how he flips a 90’s throwback into modern day vibes and also is responsible for writing along with some greats.

His album is dedicated to Woman and shows he was destined for this always.

Photography by FromNicksLens

A very talented singer/ songwriter, one of the best we currently have. Musician Angel has finally released his latest album titled Women. His ability speaks for itself, from his angelic vocal range, to his lyrical content.

The 14 track album features some exceptionally beautiful music, coordinated to perfection. Angel did not come to play, and boy did he deliver!

He returns with some gut-wrenching, baby making, love blossoming music that will have your emotions tangled. Emotive driven, with strong hints of sexual tension. He discusses love, loss, cheating, side-chicks. Basically, topics dealing with the modern day relationship.

The album is extremely soulful with influences from that old school era, a time piece that was governed by original R&B music, the 90’s. He uses memorable samples, reminiscent of the days when artists spewed nothing but love and harmony. Angel is an artist that sings about love, but still maintains that edge. I refer to that type of singer as an R&B thug, the type that will whisper sweet nothings into your ears, simultaneously keeping you on your toes.

There isn’t a song that I do not like! Women has been on repeat since its release, there is no doubt that it will be one of those classic albums that will be timeless.

Women is an amazing body of work which features talented artists such as Eric BellingerGiggs and Haile from WSTRN.

R&B music at its finest from our very own talented Londoner Angel! 

Listen below to this masterpiece Women


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