Have confidence in your craft


I’m often stunned by the number of people I come across who want to put out music, or be involved in some way, but have absolutely no faith in their abilities. It strikes me as really sad that some people lack this confidence and it prompted me to write post regarding this.

Have confidence in your craft people, whether it be, art, music, dance, theatre etc! Try not to judge yourself by someone else’s standards, because we’re all talented at different things.

“I hate getting ‘constructive criticism’ over my art. like I’m wildly insecure about posting what I make and I hate people telling me what to do to ‘better’ it” – Jamilla Wilson – I hate seeing comments like these, and wish there were more places where people could go to talk about building their confidence in their art.

I’ve always been interested in writing, both corporate and media posts but one thing that held me back was that I lacked confidence in what I was writing, I didn’t have any faith that people would be interested in what I had to say or wouldn’t share my posts, below I’m going to share with you a few steps I took to becoming more confident in my craft.

#1 Write a short summary of what you currently do, and where you hope to be in the next few months, this helped me stay on task and build on my foundation.

#2 Stop listening to people who tell you that you need to do x, y and z to make your craft better. You need to remember that it is their perspective, which can be constructive but at the end of the day, you create how you want to create.

#3 Don’t be a people pleaser. You will only tire yourself out working this way.

#4 Remember that self-doubt is something that was introduced to us as children, it’s subconscious so don’t expect it to disappear overnight, becoming confident is progressive.

#5 I was introduced to something called “acceptance therapy” which really helped me a lot. It gave me an sight to what was the real problem when I have mental blocks with my writings and quite literally helped me press the click button when posting my work. Long story short, “acceptance therapy” is “accepting what is out of your personal control, and committing to actions that improves and enriches your life”. The therapy aims to motivate you, define was it meaningful to you and teaches you psychological skills when dealing with your thoughts.

#6 Do not take criticism to heart, it’s rarely ever personal.

#7 Remind yourself of why and how you got to the amazing position you are in now. Try not to always think about moving up or striving, every once in a while treat yourself to appreciating the position you’re currently in.

#8 Confront your fear(s). Identify why you’re not confident, and why you’re holding back, this way you can take appropriate steps to overcoming this hurdle.

There’s loads more cheeky tricks I used to help myself become more confident in my craft but I try not to drag these posts out too long! If you’d like to know more, please feel free to comment or tweet us at Certified UK!


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