He really made it GlaStormzbury – Stormzy became first ever UK black artist to headline Glastonbury

Last night South London’s Stormzy became the very first ever UK black artist to headline Glastonbury! 

The night was historic! Monumental! Revolutionary and inspiring to a forgotten generation of young black men who are often perceived as the enemy. Grouped as troublesome and lacking in leadership as the young continue to die in vain. However, witnessing this tall dark strong black figure of a man expressing himself so gracefully at times, simultaneously jumping around using profanities and living in his unapologetic truth was breathtaking.
Stormzy made sure that visually the production represented all that he stands for. His performance lifted black people and black culture, his mini speeches spoke about the power of using his influence to help elevate his people. From starting his own scholarship to encourage young black people from non privilege background to get an education by offering them the opportunity to go to Cambridge University. Understanding his privilege by making sure people are educated by creating opportunities so that they can manoeuvre in spaces that are often not possible. Merky Books, a Penguin Random House imprint focused on fostering talented young UK writers. Stormzy is a great example of a positive pilar and representation of blackness at his highest level. He thrives from supporting his community. His mantra is togetherness and inclusiveness!
A lot of his faith was prevalent in his performance, the choir felt like praise and worship. It felt like you were taken to a modern church where you witnessed Godly messaging but you were also preview to listening to Secular music without judgement, representing the ying & yang of ones whole being.

Stormzy in his Union Jack Vest

Give God All The Glory!


He shouted during his performance!
There was an iconic moment when the artist paid tribute to trailblazers within the UK black music scene. Mentioning artists like Wiley, Skepta, Dizzy Rascal, Ghetts, Wretch 32. However, what was extremely powerful was Stormzy almost naming an entire scene of artists that are currently making moves and creating music that is shifting the culture. He did not skip a beat as he continued naming his peers, making sure that those names were heard very loud and clear by the masses, and saluted those that were in the too many to mention section! Very impressive and selfless to do such a thing on a huge platform. His moment! Overwhelmed and humbled that he included everyone. He also paid tribute to the late rapper Cadet.
A few iconic moments throughout the show! Bringing out his fellow peers Dave and Fredo who performed Funky Friday. The first ever UK hip hop song to chart commercially at number one. As his song Vossi Bop was the 2nd ever UK hip hop number 1. Rapper Dave showed his gratitude and thanked his friend for the opportunity and most importantly mentioned how proud of him he was and that he loved him. Transparency in showing his love and being inspired by his friend. Stormzy also bought out legendary artist Chris Martin of Coldplay, who sat by the piano as they both sang along to Blinded By Your Grace Part 1 so beautifully! 

Stormzy broke barriers! He has inadvertently inspired a generation that might not be aware of how important/icon this moment is for the next generation moving forward. Headlining Glastonbury, a stage that has been graced by global icon artists. Stormzy is our LEGEND! This exemplary moment should inspire and stimulate narrow minds to think bigger and better for themselves.
As a representative of the black community, we are overwhelmed with pride and joy to have witnessed such an iconic moment from our brother and young black King Stormzy!!

Watch his performance in full via BBC iPlayer

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