I’m gon’ get my ISHU

If you live in the UK, you’re probably feeling like we’ve missed out Autumn and gone straight to Winter. You know the combo, hat, gloves,and scarves (and coat, obviously). With the days getting shorter, winter can sometimes have us feeling like we just want to be lowkey and go about our day. But what happens when you have friend’s that want to snap you at every opportunity?


Get you a scarf, and not just any scarf, The anti- flash Ishu scarf. This reflective scarf, dazzles the camera, leaving you unseeable. This innovative luxury item will come in handy during LFW when we see an influx of celebs and style icons in the city, who may want to go unnoticed!


The scarf offers both style and practicality and can easily become a wardrobe staple. Spotted on the likes of Christina Milian and DMX, it’s certainly a must have and we anticipate that the reflective material will be used on other items of clothing such as caps and jackets. You don’t need to be a celeb to want to stay under the radar. You’ll never get caught slipping if you get your  ISHU!

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