Introducing: Curtis J

We got put onto this one (Shout out to our scouts out there) and with a sample like the one Curtis J put in this song Check Your Balance which features Tomie Boy, A flamboyant afrobeat that takes a classic and makes modern and that newer generations can appreciate:

Photography by snappedbyholly

With the usage of samples you have to understand that not everyone deserves to have the power of a sample influence in a song, this one fits nicely and didn’t sound forced at all.

The song has its own dance if you didn’t know and you know a great dance is all it takes and your song can go from a great song to a viral hit.

We got to chat to Curtis J and talk on his view of the state of Afrobeats in the UK and why it needed a dance like this:

What made you want to pay homage to such a classic Ghanaian song ?

I have always been into exploring sound and growing up I have been around a lot of Ghanaian Artists which mean that I would also gain knowledge on their tradition and music. 

Do you think music needs a dance in order for it to be successful theses days especially with the platforms to amplify it?

Not necessarily, there has been a lot of artists who were able to create a buzz without a dance routine but it would be an added touch to the song


What is your take on afrobeats in the U.K.?

The afrobeats scene is doing really well but it needs something new to continue the wave and I see a lot of new sound being created.

What do you want listeners to feel when listening to check your Balance ?

I want listeners to be able to reload the song again and again and to also feel good when playing the song which gives them a lot of life.

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