Introducing: Hari Priya

Known to her Social media followers as Afriqqa, the young talented singer and philanthropist real name is Hari Priya.

The beauty is bold, courageous and most of her songs have purpose and a deep meaningful sentiment.

The proud Congolese beauty, is very active on social media where she is a voice and showcases her charitable side. She has visuals that show her in action as a humanitarian and activist. Images of her in her native Africa helping and caring for young children in the villages, supporting as much as she can and bringing awareness.

Her song Kings & Queens is a reflection and a direct representation of her character. The song carries a very powerful and encouraging message, she performs it acoustically, just her, the bold lyrics accompanied by her beautiful soulful pop voice with the guitar.

Hari is an avid traveller, and you see her in different cities all the time ‘If travelling was free you’d never see me again’. Same here!

The stunning beauty has a lot to offer the UK music scene, her voice has a lot of diversity and she is an absolute stunner with purpose!

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