Introducing: Jadace Leason

Over the last few years the UK fashion scene has seen drastic change, in trends, styles, brand concepts and so much more. At a time like this it is important to appreciate the innovators as those are the individuals that lead the way. One group of individuals that do this consistently is ‘Jadace Leason’, they are a creative group with members who are stylists, musicians and fashion designers. They’re work has gone as far as to styling known UK Afrobeat artist Timbo for his most recent video ‘Cheetah‘, it is without a doubt that this is only the beginning for them. Members of the group are mainly based in the UK, however, they do  frequently visit other European countries, especially Paris, where they work alongside ‘Tetteh‘ brand owner ‘Travis The Creator‘. Another designer we should definitely look out for who recently released an impressive reversible beige and flannel hoodie. One member of the group known as ‘BlvckGypsy_’, tells me that in 2016 the group plan to do a lot more travelling to allow them to work with individuals from all over the world on both fashion and music. It should definitely be exciting to see what they have in store for us this year.


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Check out members of the group, their work and their style on Instagram:

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