Introducing: Kadija kamara

Alternative soul rock Singer/songwriter Kadija Kamara has been creating a buzz of her own with her enticing voice and talent.

The independent UK artist, has been releasing music for her audience and building her platform by continued performances.

A sound that surely stands out! Vocally she is extremely strong. Her soulful and R&B sound is alluring and hypnotic.

The talented musicians voice exudes that tantalising old school soulful classic vibe.

Her vocal abilities are shown throughout her music, with songs like Groovin, you are preview to her mature, classic beautiful tones in which she has a variety.

In 2011 she released a mini 4 track EP titled Changes which is a great listen and rendition of her capabilities as an artist.

Most of her songs are heavily instrumental and equally musical, which is alluring to the listener’s ear.

On paper Kadija’s sound is described as alternative soul rock, due to the profound and influential instrumentals such as the guitar and drums to name a few.

If you would like to be preview to her talent, check her site to see coming performances


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