Introducing: Nia Ekanmen

Introducing British Nigerian singer, songwriter and musician Nia Ekanem, with his remarkable fusion of raspy soul, electrifying acoustic sensibilities, enchanting vocals and compelling storytelling. The Birmingham-raised musician is proud to announce the release of his debut EP It’s Your Love on March 31.

Serving as the lead single and title track for his forthcoming debut EP, new single ‘It’s Your Love’ is a beautifully crafted love song, led by lush piano and guitar arrangements, over which Nia Ekanem sings his heart out about the joys of being in love. Over the gloriously minimalist musical backdrop, Ekanem’s magical voice shines through to deliver an undeniable listening experience.

Speaking about the inspiration for ‘It’s Your Love’, Nia Ekanem says,

It means hope, joy, and all things beautiful. I’d hope when people listen to it, they are inspired and are excited about love. The song is about togetherness, finding someone you are passionate about, and just loving them – not making something beautiful so complicated, being open to changes and growth, and just living in the moment.

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