Introducing: Rai-Elle

You may have seen Rai-Elle on you TV screens as a contestant on X Factor and from the back of that gained a fanbase and confidence to continue pursuing music and her new track she has titled ‘Mistaken’.

Giving a nice tone in this track Rai-Elle shows that she wants to be known for her R&B style and in this track she shows that she can draw from emotions she deal with herself and this track is a reminder for the expectations she wants and wants to tolerate from a relationship.

When we got to ask Rai-Elle more on life after X Factor and how she wants to be taken in by her fans and in the R&B genre :

Congrats on the new song as a 19 year old that’s a very deep topic to touch on talk me through the song process ? 

It was following a disagreement with someone who’s responses included some real unnecessary attitude and statements – It was the wrong day for me. My mind was telling me I don’t need this, I blocked them from all platforms and thought about the audacity.  I give too much to not receive the same energy back and realised that – it all started as a freestyle that i posted on Instagram. It got a great response so developed into a whole song.  

R&B is starting to gain notoriety by dsp’s and they are now creating playlists for the genre specifically how would you like to add your mark in the genre? 

Bring back the old school vibe and make timeless music that resonates through words and passion in a number of situations – not just my own. I want to bring back the romantic and meaningful side of r&b while being relevant for today.

What has been the pressures after going on X Factor? 

Going from the full on routine, glitz, glam, lights, camera and action being the norm – to returning home and figuring out what the next steps are to make that experience your real life lol. 

A message to fans of your music ? 

Thank you for the support, you all keep me wanting to go harder and not give up on R&B. Music is life, I hope mine will make a difference in yours.

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