Introducing: Yas VW and her debut single ‘Weakness’

The pool of R&B talent continues to grow because of influences from the genres best and Yasmine Vaughan-Williams aka YAS VW wants to show that her song writing skills are some that will be appreciated in the genre and the 21 year old from south London.

Inspired by Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Brandy, Mya, and Aaliyah at such a young age shows how the genre can inspire generations and already was doing shows at 13 and using youtube to showcase her talent.

We now listen to her debut single titled weakness showing her pen is power, writing the song in its entirety. Soft toned and impactful with lyrics shows she is showing her wisdom beyond her years inspiring with this song and showing there is strength in weakness.

She says:

“ I want to be able to tell stories. I want to tell real emotions and real experiences people have been through and can resonate with.” 

“Even if it’s pain they can resonate with, they feel like the music is talking for them. The music is speaking what they’ve been through.

A strong debut so make sure that you look out for more from Yas VW.

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