It was all XDREAMS

We recently ran into some brand friends (shout out to Omari) at 070 Shake’s London show and of course when our eye catches on to a piece we’re feeling, we have to ask about it, this led us to UK brand XDREAMS  and I must say, we are thoroughly impressed with all the pieces. Unfortunately we’re a bit late to the party (shocking, I know!), having missed their pop-up on the 1st of August, but we won’t be making that mistake again! Our first introduction to the brand was the green quarter zip, and let me tell you, the quality is extra nice! The brand also released a banana yellow tracksuit exclusively to its pop up which is a must have. The item we are most looking forward to release is the yellow XDREAMS puffer jacket (winter is coming, and we’ve already made plans for them!). This brand has displayed fantastic design and delivers high quality streetwear pieces, its only a matter of time before they hit the LCM runway. You heard it here first, do not sleep on XDREAMS, as owner,  Giovanni, brings his dreams to life.

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