[Review x Stream] Jords Releases new Album ‘Means to An Ends’

The album which features 13 tracks including a bonus track, takes you on a journey through Jords life as a young man. Featuring songs that give the audience variety, from slow soulful beats to hard grime/ hip hop beats. From feel good songs to eye opening music.

The first song on the album is called ‘Sail away’ features rapper Proton. The song incorporates elements of spoken words at inspection which gives it an organic feel and depiction of reality. In this song Jords uses various euphemisms to describe his depiction of ‘Sail Away’ when speaking of love lost and the shift of feelings towards another direction. Words such as Waves and Rivers are used by Jords to describe love sailing away. Whereas rapper Proton whose perspective of the title ‘Sail Away’ relates directly to his lifestyle and choices. He speaks about living life in the hood/estates. Giving a graphic depiction of the toughness and unhealthy lifestyle that comes from such environments. His goal is to help his family escape and sail into a better environment giving them a better life.

All the songs featured in this album give you an autobiographical insight into his life, nicely told like a story.

Jords can be described as a conscious rapper with this album as his lyrics are real and have meaning behind it. Songs like ‘Mrs Chambers’ Kitchen’, this song is a conversation between himself and his grandmother. Discussing his love for music, and the choice he’s made to peruse a non-traditional career path.

08 is a song that speaks about his youth. Jords at 14, life on the roads with his boys. Half way through the song the beat drops and the lyrics get very real. The Self-titled song ‘Means to An Ends’ features vocals from the beautiful singer Olivia Louise. The lyrics speak about the reality of life and keeping it real at all times despite the challenges faced.

Overall ‘Means to An Ends’ is a well put together body of work. The flow of the songs and story is easy to follow. Lyrically conscious and a great listen. He has songs for both males and females. All the Songs are autobiographical to his story. A story that can resonate with a lot of young black men growing up in the UK or London to be specific. His music is real and raw.

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