[Review x Stream] Jorja Smith’s full-length debut album is here and it’s mesmerizing from the beginning until end

It feels like we’ve been waiting for Jorja Smith’s debut album for a lifetime now, we’ve seen her talent as a songstress grow for a couple of years and always wondered when the full-length LP would arrive and what would it sound like? well, its finally arrived in the shape of Lost & Found. Jorja Smith has received co-signs from the likes of Drake and Kendrick Lamar, memorably collaborating on Drake’s More Life playlist and more recently the soundtrack of Marvel’s record-breaking Black Panther. However, the spotlight falls solely on her as she presents her 12-track debut album.

‘Blue Lights’ will always be a standout track mainly due to the fact it was her first single that gained her attention as an artist. Having re-released the track with a new set of visuals it reminded me of the melodic intro that’s layered by Jorja Smith’s voice that instantly has the soul and emotion to physically and mentally draw you into the song completely for 4 minutes.

Lifeboats (Freestyle) feels like a playful attempt at rhyming as we hear her questioning ‘Why do we all fall down if there’s a reason we can stay afloat?’. February 3rd might just be the best track on the album, in this track, she’s fed up with the games, unrequited love and delicately sings ‘Lose yourself from playing games’ in soft, serenading hook. Where Did I Go? and Teenage Fantasy deserve a mention of course as these tracks see her exploring the familiar realities of being a young person and the ideas of love that countless people can relate to.

Watch the video for The One

Jorja Smith’s debut album is brimming with potential and I expect her to get better and better. The themes centre on finding yourself, broken relationships and the dull reality of being young and British yet still having that bit of hope makes the album feel that much more personal and builds a connection with her ever-expanding¬†fan base. Jorja’s exceptional voice and ability to effortlessly¬†create catchy hooks throughout this debut will make it a memorable one and we’ll definitely be looking forward to what’s next in the future! Lost & Found gets a Certified 3.5/5 stamps!

Stream Jorja Smith’s debut album in full below and let us know what you think!

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