Keep it Real N’ Sincere

We’ve been scouting the city on the lookout specifically for London brands that provide simple streetwear for the modern age, and that is exactly what we found in our latest brand, Sincere London. The brand delivers a wide range of items adorned with their name in an eye catching font. Each piece easily compliments various ‘looks’ from the hypebeast to the casual kid.  The branded clothing injects a pop of colour into each piece which can be used to form the colour base of an entire outfit (as seen below).  Its been a tough job picking our favourites but we would have to say the black/orange hoodie, the orange & white Tee, and the dark green hat stood out most.  That said, we did notice a reflective hoodie showcased  3 days ago! This is a brand that we would like to see at events such as Crepe City and Sneaker Con as it complements the scene. The clear display of the name on all pieces is in line with ethos of the brand itself as there is no illusion as to who they are, a genuine display of the brand and its London heritage!  No lie, its Sincere London for this Summer.

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