Koby Martin talks about the process of designing the artwork for ‘The Long Way Home’

We talk to illustrator, artist & animator Koby Martin on his process on designing the album and the process he had to go with them and the label on how they wanted it to look:

Koby said: I was commissioned by their label Virgin EMI Records to design the 8-paged Physical booklet, the digital album as well as 3 single digital packshots, and the composite image with all their artiste features.

Every design /Illustration was digitally painted.

I worked directly with their label Virgin EMI Records, whiles they communicated with Krept & Konan. I only had a day to pitch for the design of the album as I was competing with about 5-10 other designers. I was given the name of the album in addition to about seven un-mastered tracks from which I drew my inspiration from to create the cover. I wanted to maintain the bold impactful nature of their previous releases by creating a conceptual cover based on the title РThe Long Way Home. Working on the brief, I sought to encapsulate the energy of Krept & Konan as artists as well as their journey thus far. I wanted it to be aspirational, urban bold, impactful without being inauthentic or overly shiny whilst maintaining a British aesthetic.

Also, considering this being their debut album, I felt having their faces as well as their Play Dirty chains, which I believe was a key factor in making my illustration standout to be selected. Believing it is something that is close to their hearts and something they stand by. Also considering what they been through and how they had to “Play dirty” through all their trials and tribulations to get to where they are now.

After my design was chosen the label asked to make a few changes; For example: To make the sky darker, and place a burning car on the side of the road including the play dirty logo as well as a road sign to probably give more life to the scene and perhaps symbolize the dramatic trauma of the duo’s journey.

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