Kojey Radical gives us his EP ’23WINTERS’

Kojey Radical dropped Dear Daisy: OPIUM a year ago and that was a classic introducing the world properly to this artist. Now he has his highly anticipated follow up, 23WINTERS. This EP is based and inspired around a conversation with his father, heavy in his Ghanaian heritage the conversation they have is based around the 10 tracks they bring up topics and comparisons to both their lives seeing the difference in perspective and ideologies and you can see the huge respect he has for his father and he has learned a lot but also teaching his dad something new.

Sonically he has taken his time with this project and you can hear it on this all the way down to the mastering, with a multiple of producers on the project including KZ The Producer, Lupus Cain, Mike Musiq, New Machine & more and with features from the popular Ray BLK, Bobii Lewis, OrphGang Member Zulu & even his father getting feature credits!

This was a tape to touch all generations and also comes with a message all individual to every listener

Listen here:

What message did you learn from this tape?

You can purchase the Tape via iTunes

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