Kustom Kings

Designer streetwear done by brands such as Vetements and Gucci have made satirical garments to remind others that fashion doesn’t always need to be taken so seriously. But of course those brands carry a hefty price tag for “bants”. In comes our new favourite  playful streetwear brand Kustom London. The brand creates pieces that feature mashups of popular fashion houses using their logos. 

Kustom London makes it acceptable to wear clothing that is so obviously not made/endorsed by the high fashion brands displayed. Earlier in the year they released a “Prada”  with the ‘P’ taken from the Playstation logo. Its ‘Nikea’ T-shirt was what got our attention and we’ve been watching them ever since.

Whilst Kustom London might make its mark using a play on Logos, their pieces are executed in such a simplistic way that they can be worn alongside genuine high end clothing. This is a brand that we want to see a lot more from, especially if they are able to create Tees from topical brands. For example  given the recent frenzy, and “Off-White” Tee that said ‘Off-Ends’ that would be dope. Kustom London may just be the brand that inspires high fashion brands to collaborate based on the logos they mesh together! Look out for more releases in the New Year! 

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