Kwaleö -part of our tribe

A couple of weeks ago, we saw a hip bag with the words ‘ be your own tribe’ emblazoned across it (it’s sold out now) and those words have been stuck with us ever since. We began thinking about what that meant to us, for us it was supporting,encouraging and believing in yourself. A tribe indicates a sense of belonging and we have to feel that we belong within ourselves. The brand who inspired this was Kwaleö and the message couldnt be clearer, as simple block printed words hits home.

So far we’ve seen tees and totes, and we would like to see more but for now we are enjoying the pieces being rolled out. Kwaelö is an e-shop for independent designers to sell their own goods, guess you could say it is forming an online tribe of like-minded individuals.

To further add to the excitement of coming across this brand, they will be hosting a fashion show this Sunday 22nd October 2017 at London Fields. So come down and Kwaleö ( that’s Swahili for enjoy the moment!)

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