From The Lens: Ashleigh Jadee Talks Directing WSTRN ‘On The Go’ Video

PRETTYBIRD is known for their amazing visuals and with a client list such as artists such as Kanye West, Beyonce & Jay-Z, FKA Twigs and a brand list with the likes of BMW, Footlocker, T-Mobile (that Drake one) and even Burger King, the directors that are represented by them have to be of a high calibre and East London’s Ashleigh Jadee has done exactly that.


Being represented by them for under a year and already being one of the most progressive, Ashleigh has fine tuned her directing eye and now has created feature length visual in the space of a track. Her latest piece of work has her working with West London collective, WSTRN and she directed one of their latest tracks ‘On The Go’.


The visual shows the collective in a more of an acting role and one of main theme Ashleigh wanted to show the video as ‘a WSTRN Romeo & Juliet kinda vibe, I wanted to have a small storyline showing the brother of Haile’s love interest on the go looking for her as his enemies with WSTRN. I also wanted to make it feel very British, very London. I achieved this by adding in cutaways such as the young boy popping a wheelie & the motorbikes. I feel like thats a very english thing and of course the rain.’






The end product may only be just over 4 minutes but was ‘shot in over 7 locations all within 14 hours. We used 3 estates, an arcade, streets, and a rooftop we nearly got kicked off of… But God is good and we managed to cover a lot within one day!’ If there was a word for her to describe the shoot the one word she came up with was ‘Manic’.




‘Working with WSTRN was great, they’re a really cool bunch. They were very chilled and relaxed, despite having to be out in the rain!




The most challenging part of the shoot was the rooftop, we literally were being kicked off, but God moves in mysterious ways and we got to get the performance! We had one card, with 4 minutes left on it and WSTRN killed the performance all in one take!!
The most fun part of the shoot was the motorbike scene, everyone was in awe! We had lots of kids coming out of school and hanging around the estate, so they were really excited about the bikes and seeing WSTRN. It was lovely to see the support the boys get from the kids.’
The end project is one of WSTRN’s best videos and another one for both PRETTYBIRD & Ashleigh Jadee
You can watch ‘On The Go’ Here
Photography by Rianna Tamara

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