From The Lens: Jade Keshia Gordon at #ThePhotoPit



Jade has always had passion for photography and decided to branch out and make a career out of it.Teaching herself everything she knows she was able to create a clientele, through this Jade has become very independant.

From bloggers to fashion editorials Jade has been able to capture the needs of many creative individuals by understanding their concept but still being able to apply her own artistic flare while keeping the client happy. Jade is a strong believer in individuality and uniqueness so make each clients work different so you won’t have to worry about someone having your idea or concept.

She attended #ThePhotoPit and let us know how she took in the night from her camera lens:

As a fellow a photographer I knew that I had to try and make it to #ThePhotoPit. Rianna Tamara has been talking about doing something like this for a while and she final go the go ahead and the support from Converse I knew that we as viewers would be in for a treat.


In this industry especially there is a lot people that feel that they need to compete with one another instead of taking the opportunity to join forces to create something amazing.

To be able to have five different photographers come together to show how they documenting our grime scene is special, no competition just pure talent and art.

On the night I arrived fairly early, I wanted to be able to take in all the photographers work before the room became packed. Now I know Rianna very well so I went to her section first and I was just overwhelmed and so proud the body of work that she produced was just amazing you can really see each artist has been caught in their element and I believe that is the beauty of photographers you should be able to feel what the photographer who took the image felt and I did with hers.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

As I scanned the room I had to check out the man him self Ashley Verse, his work was just mesmerising they way he captured D Double E as He had just finished his set with the screaming fans in the back Its like D Double E looked so satisfied with His set to be able to capture something like that is amazing, that was defiantly my fav image of Ashley’s set.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


Isaac Cambridge and of course Courtney Francis both took different avenue from the other two mentioned they choice images that had been predominantly taken outdoors which I love from Press shots to candid shots they showed a different side of the artists that we may see on stage



Unfortunately, I never really got that chance to get any visual content of Vicky Grout but her images are so clean but they stand out her name doesn’t even need to be on an image and would know its her, she’s found her niche and built upon it.

Photo by Vicky Grout

For someone who doesn’t go many network events as I should do, I really enjoyed seeing multiple photographers from the same scene get together and create magic to be able to do something like this makes me wonder is it finally time to return to Photo Exhibitions and stop with the social media. I feel that they executed the perfect way to show case GRIME & its artist…

Photography by Jade Keshia Gordon

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