From The Lens: Its NIPAH’S house and its packed

As she is sitting in the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, the venue she has sold out and taking calls every 2 minutes from all that are coming to see her shut down and bring vibes and the few that are trying to get in because they couldn’t get a ticket in time, NIPAH is calm and just taking in the vibe as time draws in closer talking to her manager about artwork on next drops we get to have a chill chat with the very at ease artist.
Growing up who inspired you musically, which artists out now or in your past do you draw inspiration from?

Nipah ‘My biggest inspiration from an early age to this current date is the late Amy Winehouse. Everything she did was amazing; her voice was so authentic and natural. When she sang, everything sounded real and raw, she was just herself in her purest form. I like artists who can be themselves, artists who have no fear of living their true authentic selves, and not pretending to be who they’re not.


What Makes Nipah Happy when it comes to music?

‘Its the love of music, I studied filmed and planned on doing videography at university. When I graduated. I’ve always sang, but until my very first year of university I was too shy to sing in front of people. I recorded my first ever song when I was in college, till this day I can count how many people heard the song.  During university, I realised that I was good at videography, so I decided to infuse my love for videography and singing. I can basically direct my own videos and sing. At the end of the day, I think it’s the love of creating that keeps me happy’.

We premiered your very first video, we were very impressed by your creativity as a new Artist. What is your take on your progression then to date, whilst we sit backstage at your first Headline show?

First thanks for that & ‘It’s crazy, it had me reflecting yesterday on how far I’ve come. It was just the other day that it all started, like it’s crazy. One of my friends unfortunately did not get a ticket for tonight’s show, but I had to get him into the venue somehow. He was the person who helped me with my first ever performance back in 2014. The funny thing is, it’s literally in those moments when I sit down, that’s when I acknowledge how far I have come. Otherwise, in my day to day, I don’t feel like I’ve got to where I want to be. I have a lot of ideas that I want to bring to life, but it takes time, upon reflection I tell myself that it takes time’.

I described your sound as Neo-Soul and Euphoric. How would you describe your sound?

‘Before my EP I would have described my EP as Neo-Soul or alternative R&B because it is the easiest thing to say. But working on my EP and all the music prior that I have created, even the music that I have never put out. I would describe as eclectic, it’s diverse, I have rock songs, I don’t know why I love rock, it’s weird because I don’t even listen to rock music. It boils down to whatever vibe I catch, I literally go with the vibe that feels and sounds good. I’ve got a good 10 songs ready, lined up for release in the next couple of months. I’m doing a little project, exclusive for you guys!

You mentioned this exclusive project, is it for a purpose or productivity. What is your motivation behind it?  It is important to consistently put music out, or are you being selective or just putting music out?

I have always taken my time when releasing music. I worked on my EP for 2 years, it gave me time to figure out my sound, in that time I was also able to draw from my life experiences for my EP.


What is it about SPACEY’S Blak vibe? 

when I started working with SPACEY Blak we worked so well together. You know what our friendship is so organic it happened so naturally.

My second ever performance which was literally my worst every performance, he later came up to me and said ‘your voice is amazing’ I was like what! I thought he was mocking me! I thought he was sympathetic and not serious, trying to make me feel better. I was like that was awful! He mentioned hearing me during my sound check, which made sense as I believed that I was better then, than on actual stage.

I was so nervous, the venue was very bright, I could literally see everyone so clearly!

Would you rather have had a dark room?

No, I don’t mind, but back then yes, I would have only wanted to see dark silhouette.

We had to cut the chat as she headed toward her soundcheck and last minute things but the show was a vibe from the start with Dominque Laurn, AirBorn Gav and J Flowz supporting her and bringing packed house with fellow artists in the crowd showing support in the artist that came out her cover art as one of her outfits of the evening. Thought was put in this show!

Performing old tracks, current vibes with an appearance from SLOCAL’s ItsNate and an a new gem with Airborn Gav she truly made sure the night was a celebration of the last few years.

Listen to the self titled EP NIPAH here
Photography:  FromNicksLens

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