Let’s get Down to earth: The rise of earthy coloured streetwear: Which UK brand makes them best?

If you have a keen eye for fashion or are an avid Instagram user following the likes of Kanye West and Justin Bieber, you will have noticed a lot of beige or khaki coloured joggers and sweatshirts. These earthy tones often seen in cream, khaki, dusty pink, brown, and even grey, are often layered with long-line tees, bombers, leggings, distressed jeans, and so on…

But what makes this style so popular?  If it was purely about keeping it neutral, people would simply wear black. However, there seems to be something about these neutral tones that make a ‘fit look so relaxed yet can easily be dressed up with an overcoat.

For us, this style gives an unbothered yet stylish effect and is certainly one of the ‘here to stay’ trends from last year. These colours go so easily with recent sneaker colourways and silhouettes. But how can you obtain high quality versions of this without paying Yeezy Season 1 prices? We looked at a range of UK streetwear to see who makes it best, and it boils down to the final two, Amour London and ADYN. 

Both of these brands have shown a commitment to this growing trend, from relaxed loungers to hoodies and T-shirts. From both brands we see high quality materials with simple finishes such as the gold name printed on the left corner of the garments. ADYN offers variance by giving us innovative pieces such as velvet joggers, suede bombers, and even Kimonos, in this trending palette. ADYN’s aptly named Elements collection showcases the best of earthy coloured streetwear, while Amour London opts for varying length styles, such as dropped and asymmetric hems in its daily wear clothing. Both brands serve different preferences in both style and price and push this trend so well!

For inspiration on  how everyday individuals style these rustic pallets, we suggest you check out the likes of fashion student Val Kristopher @valkristopher and London blogger Jordan Denzel @jordan_denzelIt is difficult to go wrong with these autumnal colours that have transcended seasons, so they’ve become a staple part of our wardrobes. Let us know what you think of this style and #CertifiedUK to show us how you rock it!

 Val Kristopher Galbo

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