London Fashion Week Men’s: Introducing Liam Hodges

London Fashion Week Men’s was bursting with up and coming fashion designers, all of whom showcased amazing collections!

However, the designer that particularly caught our eye, was Liam Hodges, with his AW18 “Everybody’s Free To Feel Good” collection. This new range is Hodges’ response to the notion that fashion dictates how we should dress and attempts to put us in a box. From the pieces in his collection, it is clear that Hodges stands firm in the belief that fashion should be a true reflection of not just who you are, but what you stand for. For this luxury men’s wear designer, conformity is a thing of the past and having fun is something to be enjoyed throughout our whole lives, not just in the days of our youth.

Characterised by oversized garments, grunge looks and an overall punk vibe, we have picked out some of our favourite pieces.

If you’re a denim lover, this two-piece is an essential addition to your wardrobe. We love the contrast in colour between the light blue and bleach white stripes material. Women if you love baggy fits, this can also be worked into your cupboards for a oversized, tomboy look.

Formal wear lovers, this ones for you! The oversized, double-breasted grey blazer and matching wide leg trousers ensemble is an absolutely iconic. Liam Hodges is one who pays attention to detail, with badges pinned all over this piece, bringing an element of fun to the professional aesthetic.






















Being huge grunge fans, it goes without saying that one of our favourites, has to be the oversized chequered flannel shirt. The colour variation makes this item a statement piece to be added to the wardrobe of all punk-rocker and skater enthusiasts.













Liam Hodges experimentation with patterns and colours, brings a sense of youth and rebellion to men’s fashion. It goes without saying that he is a creative mastermind and we wish him nothing but the best for his future collections this year!





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