LISTEN: Kahlia Bakosi – You Already Know (Prod. 808Charmer & Craze)

We’re in August and the weather here in the UK is gloomy. For all of the three minutes that I listened to Kahlia Bakosi’s latest creation (produced by 808Charmer and Craze) I felt the heat of the Summer we are supposed to be having and the intensity of the colours we’re soon to start seeing as autumn nears. This is ‘You Already Know’. With such zeal, Kahlia sings to a lover “You already know¬†how I feel about you” and it is safe to say that however she feels about them, there is a lot of passion involved. Love in one of its most passionate forms. You can feel it in the power of her voice, you can feel it in the rhythm of the drums, you can feel it in the depth of the sonics, you can feel it in the heart racing lyrics.

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