You love, We love, Vrailove!

Certified UK has gone into new territory to bring you our favourite jewelry brand. Being the trendy individuals that we are, it’s only right we look at the best of this year’s most popular jewelry- Chokers!  Originally a trend in the 2000s, chokers have made a strong return this year and have evolved from the black intertwined plastic originals, to a range of styles. Unlike high street stores, jewelry makers, Birmingham based Vrailove, is owned by a badass sister trio, and their brand offers a variety of chokers from diamante to fabric based, and gold embellished chokers, and the collection keeps growing ! Vrailove has been a hit with fashion bloggers such as Est Are. Each choker is named after brand associates (we’re hoping we get to name one soon!), our favourites being the Milan and Laila choker. We would like to see more choker body chains on Vrailove and also glittery body transfers, and anklets (Just for extra sparkle!). These chokers are the perfect accompaniment and statement piece to any outfit, from a T-shirt dress to body cons or jumpsuits. We love Vrailove so much, we can’t imagine buying a choker from any where else!






My very own Vrailove choker
My very own Vrailove choker



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