Marche Noir- Brand of the Party! Pop-Up Review

Last Saturday, we got to attend French brand Marche Noir‘s pop up in London. When we heard that the pop up was happening the excitement could be seen around the office, having missed the last pop up at Edjer in January 2015, we were well prepared for this one. In our excitement we initially turned up one day early *facepalm*. 

When we came back the next day, we were met with a long queue of streetwear enthusiasts hoping to get their hands on the latest merch. As we look around the pop up held at Axel Arigato, we were in awe of the autumnal pieces, fresh for the season. 

While we initially went in hoping to get the mustard fanny pack, they were already sold out so our attention quickly turned to the rainproof goretex pants. The mustard caught our eye immediately. The brand showcased a number of ‘back to school’ accessories, side bags, rucksacks and hats. 

The staff were dressed head to toe in Marche Noir and to be honest, it was a thing of beauty. Whilst in the store, we took the time to speak to brand Owner Yoni to understand how  this French brand based in London, has risen to popularity as well as his creative process. 

When we first see Yoni, he is spinning the decks at the pop up blasting out tunes from Lil Uzi Vert‘s latest EP. Curious as to why a DJ wasn’t hired for the pop up, it becomes apparent that Yoni is hands on, and has a love of both music and fashion, and both come hand in hand through their work with a lot of artists. 

He explains that the brand first started out at Paris Fashion Week, at ASAP Ferg’s fashion week party. They then started hosting fashion parties supporting all the new age artists like Playboi Carti, Metro Booming etc… I guess you could say they are the brand of the party! As a result promotion comes naturally to the brand, with celebrities usually coming to them to request merchandise and people sending in photos of celebs dressed in Marche Noir. 

When asked about whether he is suprised by the queue outside he said, “to be honest the hype is real, when people want something they come out and get it regardless”.

Yoni explains that he proritises design, production and quality above all else, so much so that the next collection is not even planned yet because he is working on quality control with the factories. This, he claims, is the hardest part of running a business. 

On his choice of colours, Yoni says that black, green, and orange will always be the brand’s motif.  Yoni walks us around the store and we choose 2 pieces for him to take us through the design process. The first one being a thick hoodie that could easily be a winter fave. Yoni explains that the thickness is due to the jumper being a cotton and polyiamide blend making it crease free and easy to stretch.  

We then take a look at the all-weather pants we were eyeing up earlier. On close inspection we see gridlines beneath the surface that indicate 100% ripstop nylon fabric was used. Yoni explains that this trouser was hard to make due to the reinforced thread. The detailing on the side and on the zip pockets add to its complexity. We appreciate Yoni’s determination in bringing this piece together, despite its manufacturing challenges. 

When asked what the next best thing would be for the brand,Yoni responded, “we are all ready living the best thing that could happen to us”! The brand has no desire to collab as they dont want any big companies riding their wave (damn right!)
They just want to do more parties (invite us), and continue providing the best quality for the best price.  

Marche Noir will continue to do pop ups, which will be held in Paris, Shanghai and finally Tokyo. 

Many thanks to Aimé & Yoni for their time and enthusiasm. 

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