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NNESAGA (Nay-saga) is a world created by Stephanie that covers all gaming, comics and anime topics. NNESAGA is a platform for people to escape reality to and connect with people of similar interests.

From tournaments to YouTube videos and more, nnesaga provides content that brings the gaming, comics and anime community together.

NNESAGA wants to beat the stereotype/stigma attached to women especially not being able to enjoy something that he been stamped as the “male” thing to do. This is also a message to people no matter what sex, to love what you love and not to take mind or opinions of ignorance.

NNESAGA is one of the voices for people of the new generation in gaming, comics and anime.




somewhereto_ work across the UK and have a range of spaces which have kindly been donated for use by bright, creative individuals. They can match you to one of these, or help you find one that meets your needs, near you.

Eatwitharli is a food site that will make your mouth salivate and make you want to get up and cook! The site is full of easy to follow recipes and a number of restaurant reviews, for those of you who need to impress a date or just fancy somewhere new to eat all created by the talented Arlinda from gourmet meals to simple dishes for the day its all there for you to try out and updated always to look out for the next recipe, this is food porn at a high level!


O2 and the Telefónica Foundation believe in the power of young people and their ideas. So they have put our money where their mouth is and created Think Big.

As one of the biggest companies in the tech sector they know the power of digital, and know that young people, as the generation that are growing up with the internet, can do something amazing with just a little help and a little inspiration. And that they can share our expertise, knowledge and resources to help.

Funding young people to bring their ideas to life. To use digital for social good. To Think Big.


Mixcloud’s mission is to re-think radio and help connect listeners with the best DJs and radio presenters in the world. Mixcloud is the place where you will find our exclusive series #ThePlaylist




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