Meet 808INK taking the LUNDUN Sound worldwide

Firstly, congrats to 808INK on them making their debut to SXSW in Austin, Texas and taking their sound over to the states.

When the South East LUNDUN duo dropped their album we send that the HUNGRY LP is A concoction of Extremely exciting and explosive beats and instrumentals that will have your Soul Hoping out of your chest. With Dssy being very straight forward and raw & 45 With Sam Wise being a classic old school Hip Hop beat, the sound is energetic and reminiscent of the 90’s flow of New York Hip Hop, but 808ink’s distinctive London Swag.

We got all access to 808INK live in KOKO to a packed crowd and with special guests DanielOG & House of Pharaohs also bring a huge vibe to the show it was one that they will remember.

We got to sit with them in studio working and telling us about origins of their names and 808Charmer talks about his sub-genre ‘trip-funk’,  drumming start and why the concept of 808INK works so well and now their sound has taken them across the pond its only the beginning.

Mumblez, was still in a state of shock and excitement as doing huge venues like that is always a surprise to him. Even talking about listening to House Of Pharaohs the whole summer made him want them to bring them out on the night giving them that opportunity. They both agree that seeing the fans response on a scale like this makes them enjoy being the artists they are when they are mashing down the place.

They want to make a mark and make a WOD OF CASH!

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