Message from the founder : ‘This 2018 authenticity is key!’

2017 What a year. Thought id write a message to our Certi-readers and those that keep up with what’s going on with UK talent and creatives! before I go in I’d like to personally thank all those that support and push Certified UK it has taken us to great heights and monumental moves and record-breaking stats over here and that’s what we are about, doing better than last year. Lets continue!

It’s been a pleasure to see the work rate of upcoming UK risers and the constant growth in the independent route and fearlessly conquering internationally, its commendable. Utilising a small team to take over and inspire several industries , from music to fashion to launch events and all things entertainment, we cannot deny how it has impacted actual culture and its only right to show acknowledgment to a few things because I believe these were big moments that to me and deserve honourable mentions:

I first want to salute to everyone that used their platform during the tragic time of Grenfell tower to create awareness and supported those that needed it more than ever, thank you to the companies and especially The London Community Foundation for supporting our charity tournament.

It was a heartbreaking tragedy and being from West London I was proud to see the community spirit and especially amazed by Dave and his direct message in Question Time, I believe you have nothing but greatness coming to you in the coming year.

Photo by Ashley Verse

Big salute to J Hus you came back and got to create a classic album with a great team, it’s been inspiring seeing you take so many wins! We are excited to hear album number two, as we know it’s underway already ! I wish you another successful album and more classics.


Yxng Bane you became a cash king and put yourself in a level of greatness and your music has always been amazing but you have elevated yourself in a huge way. I can speak for many when I say that you and Gfrsh have been a joy to watch you both make moves and create some amazing music for all generations of listeners and do not see you slowing down one bit in 2018!

I want to salute the women in the music scene that boss up & made some monumental moves and shown they are a huge force to be reckoned with in all capacities of the entertainment world.

Photo by Blair Brown

Little Simz, to see you touring with Gorrilaz, was phenomenal, we are the generation that grew up on their creative genius, so seeing you alongside has been inspiring to say the least!  Not forgetting you as the face for the Nike AF1 alongside, with a great body of music to accompany an amazing year!

Congratulations to Jorja Smith on your Brits critics choice award! To be put simply your music is timeless and appreciated by so many internationally! Keep shining.

Photo by farel bisotto

IAMDB, your authenticity has put you in the forefront and its been a pleasure to see you touch cities independently, your vibe is bringing something very different to the UK scene, and we are loving it in all it’s glory!

Photo by Ashley Verse

Rebecca Judd, I want to take this time to commend your dedication to radio, your energy is unmatched and this year many have seen the impact you have had whenever you enter a room. I wish you nothing but more success and honestly hope that your value continues to be recognised!

To everyone else that is creating in any aspect of entertainment, my message to you for this 2018 is that authenticity is key, with so many pursuing dreams don’t think because a route worked for one person, that you now need to take the same blueprint as them in order to succeed. No idea is original, but how you execute it is! What unique vibes can you bring to the table, what can you flip with any curious combinations you have?

Take pride in your work and focus on the quality of the work, as you never know who is watching and that impact could truly change your life and know that a lot can happen in a year!

Dream Big, 

Work hard 

Work Smart 

Do great business

& Love what you are doing

Nick Asiama

Certified UK, Founder

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