Message from the founder: Invest in yourself!

Happy new year to everyone and after a 2020 of so much uncertainties one thing going into 2021 is certain, this year it’s about how much faith you have in your own hustle and real love and interest for what you do, as that is what will keep your focus going into this year working from home or otherwise!

With a lot more shine getting put on R&B and soul in the country, one person we have to hail up for her success is Tiana major9 and her Grammy nomination. Congratulations to you and it’s only the beginning of your legendary journey.

To the genre of drill, you have come out of nowhere and created an outlet for those that transition from whatever situation they are in to making an sustainable income from music.

From the producers to the artists and opening the dialogue through documentaries showing us that police are nervous to see success from these people that want to channel the emotion in art. Continue to be authentic and enjoy but please be safe out here.

To the U.K. fashion brands. You are trendsetters! You create and even though the masses and mainstream do take ideas and dilute the quality however never stray and understand that your authenticity will continue to be celebrated the same way we have raised the value in our artists we definitely should raise the value in the fashion world. Be proud of buying, wearing supporting them.

Salute to the podcasters! You document and commentate what goes on within the culture. Be honest and don’t allow click bait moments to rule your brand.

Player of the year – M1llionz

There hasn’t been a bad verse from M1llions since he came through and the wordplay and confidence have allowed him to be a top tier rapper and looking forward to his first full project.

Album of the year – Potter Payper

Potter Payper came out of jail and got right to work in making sure that he didn’t lose a touch. With an EP that would of had him in the charts already but it was all perfect timing as his album was in the top 3 slot. Congrats to you!

Young player of the year – Tiana Major9

With her debut project catching the attention of the world, there was nobody reaching the audience and to cap the year with a grammy nomination. She truly put on for the genre and for Newham.

Podcaster of the year – Loons aka Yung Rottweiler

To see the rise of mr ‘Super necessary’ has been great and with Margs knowing how great thier friendship could translate and lets be clear we all know a Loons in our friend circle.

Business of the year – NneSaga

Nnesaga has shown that the gaming world was disregarding not only the black gamers but the black female gamers and she wasn’t having any of it and saw her link up with all the big names over the past year and became a staple in that industry.

Most innovative – No Signal Radio

No signal Radio was one of the creations during the pandemic that was culture shifting showing that once again the power of DIY and internet radio was the wave again. Een noting national radio channels taking their 10v10 style to draw in more engagement and caused the entertainment factor to rise. I look forward to the expansion of No signal in the coming year

Use 2021 to hustle, expand, support be prepared because at anytime an unexpected event may need you to call on another one of your talents.

Diversify your portfolio.

Nick Asiama – Founder

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