Midnight Phunk shows the struggle and the beauty of the creative process with Homeade

As a fan and consumer of UK music the one thing people forget the process it takes before a creative piece is given to the world and although we may only take in a 3 minute production made by someone as talented as North London’s Midnight Phunk the process and the inspirations that are drawn to the final piece being as on point as it is.

This short film he has created called ‘Homemade’ resides in the crevices of London’s emerging underground creative scene embodying the candid realities they face.
MNP manages to deliver an honest piece of work which grants audiences a raw, first hand, insight to London’s underground creative scene.

You don’t know how your day could go as a creative and this short shows exactly that with appearances from:

Reece West
Ray Sargent
Asher Burridge
Jamilah Barry
Sacha Fox
Shift Key
J Flowz
Kz The Producer
Cr Blacks
Josh Collins
Sam Travis
Naye Fshr
Sophie Cantopher
Vanessa Jade Powell
Omar Risk

It shows you an insight into his life and his ongoings.

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