My first time going to a drill concert & I went to see Unknown T

Unknown T hit a milestone and headlined his own show. Wednesday 26th, was the day East London’s very own Hackney native, drill rapper Unknown T sold out his show at the trendy warehouse style venue, the Underground village. Since the 2018 release of “Homerton B” which saw his first official single peaked at number 48 on the UK Singles Chart last October. Since then the rapper has continued to release successful music, collaborating with the likes of Kenny Allstar, featuring in his Tracksuit Love remix and also featuring in Medusa with West London’s WSTRN’s.  

With my phone out to document the evening, it was definitely going to be an experience and thought we can share it together. ( All pictures and videos were taken in real-time from my phone)

Drill music has had its fair share of controversy in the past year, government ban implications and the big debate regarding the toxic lyrical influence it has on the gang and knife crime culture. Being a casual listener of the drill genre I am aware of the perception and negativity that surrounds the genre. Despite those connotations , I was very much looking forward to attending Unknown T’s concert as someone that really appreciates the amazingly talented production of drill songs.   Pleasantly surprised was an understatement!  The crowd was very diverse! 

Dispelling the perception that all drill music fans are a specific type of dangerous person. The crowd was a nice balance of both males and females, ranging from different ages, and ethnic backgrounds. The fan base is clearly more diverse that most expect.   

For a 1st time headline show Unknown T was superb! 

The audience were very much hyped throughout the show, this included the DJ’s warm up. The DJ kept the crowd engaged with current and old school bangers , he did not stray away from the crowds vision of what they wanted to hear. A very energetic crowd, you were preview to some jumping and the regular occurrence of a mosh pit!  Unknown T’s  command of the crowd and use of the stage in its entirety as an avid concert goer was appreciated. He was present all through the show, including keeping the crowd engaged, getting them hyped for the guest performers and even championing his guests whilst they performed. His crowd interaction was second to none! A lot of artist are not good stage performers, but Unknown T is the antitheses. The crowd fed off his energy, which is a gift not many poses. He even had time for a few outfit changes!   

The show had a few surprises for the fans. Special guests such as WSTRN graced the stage and performed their song Medusa which Unknown T features, they also surprised guests with a bonus performance of their own song. NSG stepped out and performed their current smash OT Bop, fellow East Londoner Not3s was a surprise not just to the fans but also to artist, as his team pulled that surprise for him. All surprises went down really well with the crowd, a nice mixture of UK black music that everyone could dance and sing along to. 

The drill artist premiered a few new tracks that went down really well with the crowd, his team premiered a video and song featuring AJ Tracey, a hit I’d say! The visuals are captivating, lyrically powerful and catchy. A well-orchestrated bonus to an unexpected crowd who were pretty much spoilt throughout the night.  

The show ended with a BANG! He performed his very popular and evidently the fans favourite ‘Homerton B’, loving the song the entire crowd sang the song word for word, which can only be a humbling and overwhelming experience for an artist to witness. Adding more fun to the show, Unknown T decided to pull 3 girls from the crowd to dance during the final song and the winning girl won £200, not bad for a 2 minute twerk. 

As a first time drill concert go-er I was very impressed with the show in its entirety! The crowd were on their best behaviour, they had fun, danced enjoyed and went home!

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