NANG release instrumental project Fragments

NANG have given us the first of two projects promised to us this year and given us an instrumental project! Rarely getting this the movement champion the producer and beat makers and it seems like this will be part of a duo disc called Frequencies + Fragments

Curator Ralph Hardy had this message with the release of disc 2 in this series :

“We listen to music so much, we begin to hear things that aren’t there. Well, you should. The lost frequencies from unfortunate incidents still live on, accompanying the stronger feelings in the present. Emotions lived and memories recalled teach the intake and the fragments are due to get bigger. NANG have been putting on for the unheard, fragmented and the frequencies slowly being remembered. I’m within music because I care. Probably one of the few that do on the come up. This is still a passion project as I’m passionate about the sound. Treat it like it’s yours, no? I’ve faced people offering songs that are unfinished or frankly not audibly pleasing for #GrowingPains2. Did you listen to the first one? Are you not aware of the taste level? Take this microcosm as a place to start again from. Don’t mean no disrespect but I’ve just watched a Kanye West interview so it’s all different in the flesh.”

The project has tracks from beat makers you know or may not know but the energy you get from the project is perfect

Listen here:

Now we get to wait for #GrowingPains2 and the Frequency part of this project!

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