Check this Stat, In the 2010 General Election, only 39% of young women aged 18-24 voted. It is estimated that even after a massive push for online registration, there are a further 800,000 young people are still not registered.

After a consultation, Youth Media Agency discovered young women are often confused and overwhelmed by politics, or are simply uninterested because of both a lack of political literacy in our education system and a lack of policies that represent them.

“We hope this campaign will be shared by all our youth media platforms as well as have the support of mainstream media. All you see of politics is old white men shouting over each other. It’s difficult to take anyone seriously when they are so rude and can’t even have a conversation. Politics needs to change to represent real debate over issues that really matter to engage everyone” Hannah Vincent, Director, 26.

The film was shot in London by a young female film crew and cast. The concept is based on what the future would like if young women continue to not vote as policies are made for the people who do vote.

Mega Jones, 21 an actress in the film told us “As a young woman I don’t feel like my voice is being heard because not enough of us are voting. We want this film to go viral so that young people are inspired to register”

Stella Creasy MP, a supporter of the campaign said “at present only a minority of young women are registered to vote and intending to take part so it’s too easy to overlook their concerns. This project is backing young women fighting to change this – they are determined to make sure young women’s voices cannot be ignored.”

“It is crucial for young women to take responsibility of their future and the decisions that will affect them” Ruby Mae Moore, Editor of Amor Magazine

The deadline for registering to vote is looming on April 20th. The clock is now ticking to restore the rights of young voters in Britain. This is an important project that will address our current democratic deficit by targeting those least likely to participate. It is becoming increasingly difficult call ourselves a democratic society unless everyone is involved. Register to vote now

The women in Certified UK will be registering so make sure you do the same!

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