Kelsey Davies Talks about shooting Nipsey Hussle

Recently getting into Photography we talked with East London Photographer & stylist Kelsey Davies as she talks to us about taking pictures for Nipsey Hussle’s sold out show in London in March

I’ve been taking my photography seriously for about 5 months now.

I actually quit my full time job to put more time into my photography. Although I’ve shot many artists now my favourite will always be Nipsey Hussle.
Reasons behind that firstly he is one of my favourite rappers, been a fan for a few years now.

Secondly I was lucky enough to meet him; seeing how humble and hard working he was, made me like him even more!


My experience in words I would say priceless, amazing and extremely motivational. To be honest I think that was the day I realised photography is definitely what I want to do.

One of the best days of my life if I’m honest meeting one of my favourite rappers, being inspired by him to continue to work hard and having the chance to join him on stage… A day I will forever cherish.


Check out more of Kelsey’s work on her blog

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