808INK and The Three Drops: Billy’s Chronicles.


They say all “bad” things come in threes, and that the triangle is the strongest form and I am about to present to you three experimental tracks by a duo that goes by the name of 808INK. These artists should be permanently marked on your radar. 808INK comprises 808Charmer and Mumblez Black Ink whose partnership is much like that of Pinky and The Brain, in the sense that they operate with a mutual end game – world domination. The following tracks have been individually released over the last month and each and every one is as vigorous as the last.

So. There are three elements needed in order to ignite a fire, right? ‘Billy’ is the Heat. Soundwise this is grimy, gritty. It is crud, it is heavy, along with everything else that you can fit into that semantic field. I pondered over who or what “Billy” represents for a little while. Especially as this persona can be felt in each song and visually interpreted in the cover art of all three tracks. The cover art is aesthetically infantile, but still somehow striking. It’s like a “despite what it may look like, rest assured this is not child’s play”. I came to the conclusion that “Billy” represents the unconventional genius. The underdog. The unapologetic artist who cannot be contained. More simply, Billy represents just going HAM.


“My Ferrari is a bulldozer”


The second drop is entitled ‘STOMACH in A BROOCH PIN’ and it is the Oxygen. It is as effective as the preceding. Billy appears again. Mumblez Black Ink wears his gut with pride.

“Oh shit. I’m going Billy… A universe for a verse if you ain’t caught it that’s exactly what I’m worth”.


The Fuel is ‘Crooked. Bad’. This track is sonically disturbing, it sounds like a trapped individual desperately trying to break free. It is almost frustration sonified and I can say the same for the other two tracks as well. Following the smooth R&B-esque interlude (an unexpected sound), despair is reinforced through Mumblez’ tone as he tells of how he has “been around town, been around town” and “been around town” again. This brand new or perhaps previously concealed sense of hopelessness doesn’t last for long as it is quickly interrupted with a spirited and unapologetic “WHAT YOU TAKE ME FOR?!”. The unconventional genius. The underdog. The unapologetic artist who cannot be contained.

This may or may not be the final Chronicle, only time will tell.

“Timid. Don’t come around me timid. Fingers shaped like two pistols, I spit my ether”

Mumblez Black Ink is an excellent lyricist and this relentless persona is represented in every bar, in every aspect of wordplay, right down to his intonation. As of producer and accompanying vocalist 808Charmer, as I as said in another piece “he is not one to follow conventions” He is an undeniably artistic producer and 808INK as a collaborative are unforgivingly talented. On that note, I shall allow the music to overthrow me. Tune in below.



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