[Featured Post] ‘Events and showcases are missing originality’

Events are the key elements in entertainment, They allow us to see who is fresh on the music scene and also who is popular.

One event that have delivered great events with rising talent is Something for Sunday an event that had great rising talents, with singers, rappers and comedians showing fresh talent you may have seen or have never seen at all and since they took a step back from events we decided to talk to them to see why they decided to take a break and also what they think is missing from the events scene!

Don’t know about them? watch this

‘Events and showcases are missing originality! Anyone can find a bunch of talented individuals and provide a stage for them to showcase their talents but what more are you bringing to the table?  I think the scene is heavily influenced by both other events and social media to fill their line ups, as opposed to searching for talent themselves! Hence same names on flyers everywhere.

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My advice for anyone currently in events or thinking of starting one is do it for the right reasons. S4S started as I genuinely love live showcases however felt my needs werent being met so decided to take a punt at it myself. There are some amazing acts out there and they thrive on showcases to build their following and chase the dream, so just makesure the platform you are providing is worthy and has all the right intentions.’

If you never went to a Something for Sunday this is what could of happened to you at the end of the show!


Hopefully we see Something For Sunday back very soon! Also for those looking to getting into events these words help!


Do you agree or disagree with the statement let us know!


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