Orphan Flow Vol. 5 – Tinyman’s Fifth Instalment of Musical Introspection.

The fifth instalment of an ongoing series by Tinyman; founder of the talented collective – Orphan Gang, a musician, a rapper, a member of the Creative Soul team, presenter at #TheBigClash and last of all, an intriguingly insightful individual. If you’re looking for an artist who knows how to uncompromisingly channel as much of his being as possible into his music, all whilst curating the most infectious vibes – Tinyman is your man.

Let me use Slum Village, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots and Hawk House as references to the type of feeling Tinyman’s music provides. It’s all in the vibrations. It feels as good as Funk feels when you hear it, Tinyman’s music is the groove. Focusing on the Orphan Flow saga, it currently consists of five introspective pieces that stand as chapters within the story that is Tinyman’s life. The Orphan Flow series is a self-composed Book of Life and each chapter/track seems to reflect the artist’s state of mind over particular moments in time.

Orphan Flow Vol.5 is witty, quirky, humorous, intricate and concious, yet laid back. Tiny’s reference to the “wifidi man”; who’s internet celebrity status was catalysed by the Vine app that provides many on social media with endless bouts of laughter and relative jokes. His reference to this is probably why he states at the beginning of the song that “people aren’t going to take him seriously”. I didn’t go to University to give advice, but here’s a free tip: not taking Tinyman seriously at this point would be a mistake you must be careful not to make. I say this because, these “interferences” of humour inOFV5 are considerately crafted and to me represent an uncompromised and unconditioned depiction of self. The thing about being yourself is, nobody can ever be just like you. You cannot be directly compared.


OFV5 ends with an excerpt from Tiny’s interview with Ralph Hardy on BANG Radio, back in early 2014, at the time of the release of Orphan Flow Vol. 4. Watching it now is looking at Orphan Flow Vol. 5 in its earliest stages and also understanding its foundations. From this interview you can interpret that OFV5 is an exploration of what it means to be an Orphan; kicking it within the conceptual white house of an “artistic, creative and social, expressive movement”.

Artwork: Ray Fiasco

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