Certified UK Interview: Incisive ‘I feel like the quality of my stuff always stands out’

Fun fact! Did you know that Incisive means intelligently analytical and clear-thinking, That goes without saying when it comes to the West London rapper, Incisive! With him announcing his EP coming out in April we thought we catch up with him and see how things are going with the process:
Certified UK: How’s the music coming along?
Incisive: Yea. Going well. Feel like people are finally catching up to the genre subset that I do, that is, more socially aware, meaningful hiphop. I can feel the shift.
CUK:  You announced that your dropping an EP in April how’s that coming and what’s the concept of the EP?
I:  Im constantly swapping and changing things with this EP. Their are quite a few singles I released in the last year that were just singles without a home so they will be on the EP but at the same time, I dont want people to feel like they are getting “Old songs” so im trying to put some new bits on their.
CUK: Your car sessions are something different you bring to the table who are you looking to get in that car?
I: Yea. I always try to be different. The issue is, the car shows are soo random and unplanned, sometimes I just see someone randomly and we do a car show. Id love to get other people involved but it means PLANNING, and getting them to get someone to vibe with in the car but then im thinking, whos gonna drive etc. lol. Its technically but Ill get there. I dont want it to be JUST me. I wanna get other artists doing their own thing. Defo.
CUK: With so much music already dropping this year it’s imperative that what ever comes next meets and even raises the bar how do you think will your music will be taken in?
I: I feel like Sticking to my formula, which as I said, the tide is finally rising to is a good start. I feel like the quality of my stuff always stands out and if not, everyones experience is different and so as much music that gets released, if it is about something beyond the club and turning up, it should be unique to thats artists experiences.
Thanks for talking to us Incisive! Make sure you look out for his EP in April!

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