LionHeart – The Heartfelt Sessions 001 ‘All of Me

LionHeart presents ‘The Heartfelt Sessions’

LionHeart has decided to drop some powerful pieces and create these sessions for you to see more of the poet talk about topics that you may know about and not want to get into!


He says:  ‘This session delves into the a person who puts another’s happiness before themselves, regardless of the ‘FriendZone’ association and how they’re seen. I have been there, I’m sure many of you have been there.
Although people typically ridicule those in a situation such as this, sometimes it teaches you the capacity of love you can have for someone you’re not meant to be with. And inadvertently teaching yourself how strong you are emotionally to deal with the consequences of this decision.’

You agree with what he says? More importantly do you like the poem?

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