Certified UK Interview Rasharn Powell: ‘there is space for R&B to blossom in the UK’

We thought we would interrupt vocalist Rasharn Powell during his studio session and have a chat with him and see how he has been since him opening for Omarion and as we started he stopped his new music so we did get to hear the exclusives……Damn!
Certified UK: How you doing Rasharn, You just come off opening for Omarion how was that for you?
Rasharn Powell: The Omarion show was a great experience and I really enjoyed it. It definitely gave me a taste of what things can be like and motivated me for much more. A bitter sweet moment lol.
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Rasharn powell on stage supporting Omarion at KOKO Photo by: Jolade

CUK: What was the one thing you took from that?
RP: It was a great moment as I said, and just a great experience if I’m honest. A great moment to share with the band and a moment to showcase my music to a broader audience. It was the first time I’d ever played with a full live band and it definitely went as planned. I prepared the visuals working closely alongside my graphics designer and worked closely with the lighting guy when doing soundcheck before the show. It definitely allowed me to understand that if I can make that an experience with the small time slot that I had to open up, then imagine what I’d be able to do at a headline show of my own. I definitely want to give people an experience when they come to my shows, I think it’s as important as the music, especially in a live setting.
CUK: We are bothering you while your in the studio, (sorry about that) how is the new music coming along and what kind of sound you going for?
RP: Haha that’s no problem. It’s coming along well, just creating, writing and experiencing as much as possible. I don’t really want to go into it all very deeply haha, but yeah, it’s going good.
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CUK: Your seen as the traditional R&B artist, is that what you want to be seen as?
RP: No, I’d class myself as more of an alternative, contemporary artist with elements of every genre within my music. I don’t believe I can be boxed in with my sound, as there are many genres that the music I make does touch upon and is influenced by but time will tell. It will be showcased more, with the new music that I release, I believe. We’ll see haha.
CUK: Is R&B what we are missing in UK music?
RP: I’d definitely say that there is space for R&B to blossom in the UK as well as worldwide. The times are changing, I believe and everything is growing and changing too. Everything will have it’s time.
Check some old Rasharn here which we premiered:
CUK: These rappers that are now singing on their track how do you feel about that and should they leave it up to vocalists like you?
RP: I don’t mind it at all haha, being creative in every aspect is always a good thing. This is music, and the rules are meant to be broken once learned. It’s a great thing to watch everything evolving.
CUK: when are we expecting new music from you?
RP: Haha, soon :-).
Thanks for the questions, and we look forward to the new stuff you have coming!

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