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  • [Featured Post] ‘Events and showcases are missing originality’

    [Featured Post] ‘Events and showcases are missing originality’

    Events are the key elements in entertainment, They allow us to see who is fresh on the music scene and also who is popular. One event that have delivered great events with rising talent is Something for Sunday an event that had great rising talents, with singers, rappers and comedians showing fresh talent you may have seen or have never seen at all and since they took a step back from events we decided to talk to them to see […]

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  • Miraa May – LoveMeIn

    Miraa May – LoveMeIn

    Miraa May is giving you that type of song with her track LoveMeIn. The kicked back R&B vibe she has brought along with her subtle tones to this song are just want you need to hear at night which is coincidental she dropped it at 8pm. Listen here Produced by High Frequency  

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  • The Novelist show w/ Grandmixxer – 23.3.15

    The Novelist show w/ Grandmixxer – 23.3.15

    Novelist brings vibes with Grand mixer on his very own show on Rinse FM playing that grime/garage vibes throughout the show:   expect the two finger dance thought the listen!

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  • [Watch] Housemates [EP.1]

    [Watch] Housemates [EP.1]

    Check out the debut episode of the new series Housemates where a group of women share a house! Who knows what could go on. Coming from the same channel that brought you Brothers with no game and more great series! Watch it and yo never know you will be addicted in no time!    

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  • Swag LDN will drop new collection on 30.3.15

    Swag LDN will drop new collection on 30.3.15

    London brand Swag LDN are getting ready to drop their new tracksuit and thought to drop a couple images just before the drop.   Photos by Courtney Francis  Make sure you grab them pre-orders and more of their stuff at www.swagldn.co.uk/  

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  • [Listen] Hannah V feat. LEO THE LION ‘MAKE IT LAST LONGER’

    [Listen] Hannah V feat. LEO THE LION ‘MAKE IT LAST LONGER’

    Following up from her last tune Version 2.0, songwriter/producer Hannah V has dropped a follow up called “Make It Last Longer” featuring Leo The Lion taken from her upcoming debut EP released on April 5th. First played on MistaJam’s BBC Radio 1Xtra show, Hannah then spoke to MTV UK about the track where she explains: “You know when you are in a relationship and its not that deep, but you say a few things here and there that give the […]

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  • Kelsey Davies Talks about shooting Nipsey Hussle

    Kelsey Davies Talks about shooting Nipsey Hussle

    Recently getting into Photography we talked with East London Photographer & stylist Kelsey Davies as she talks to us about taking pictures for Nipsey Hussle’s sold out show in London in March I’ve been taking my photography seriously for about 5 months now. I actually quit my full time job to put more time into my photography. Although I’ve shot many artists now my favourite will always be Nipsey Hussle. Reasons behind that firstly he is one of my favourite […]

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  • Rianna Tamara talks about shooting Mila J

    Rianna Tamara talks about shooting Mila J

    We talk with London Photographer Rianna Tamara on one of her recent shoots: My name is Rianna Tamara & i am a Photographer who has been shooting for pretty much 6 years straight. I got into it by accident having chosen Photography as a ALevel even though at the time i wanted to be a fashion designer. My main passion in Photography is music documentary (although i also shoot fashion & portraiture), whether thats documenting a stage show or the […]

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    Check this Stat, In the 2010 General Election, only 39% of young women aged 18-24 voted. It is estimated that even after a massive push for online registration, there are a further 800,000 young people are still not registered. After a consultation, Youth Media Agency discovered young women are often confused and overwhelmed by politics, or are simply uninterested because of both a lack of political literacy in our education system and a lack of policies that represent them. “We […]

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  • Courtney Francis talks about shooting Stormzy

    Courtney Francis talks about shooting Stormzy

    East London’s Courtney Francis has been shooting great individuals for a while and we get to talk with him about one of his favourite shoots to date Hi there. My name is Courtney and I am a photographer. Well actually i’m a Microsoft certified IT Administrator for an international shipping company but thats boring and you don’t want to hear about that. Im here to tell you about a photoshoot I’ve done for a music artist who has basically taken […]

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