Nike celebrate London in their NOTHING BEATS A LONDONER campaign

Nike pulls an extensive list of creatives entertainers sportsmen and women and amazing young kids to show the strength that being a Londoner brings all starting from Skepta not wanting to cycle but then given more a valid could be worse scenarios from London’s elite from all walks of life faces that have all made impact around the world starting from the city and also came with sport events throughout half term encouraging all the young Londoners with different sports which you can access through

This is another huge milestone and this is the perfect moment to actually say this was definitely for the culture and with iconic moments like Giggs at morels defending Peckham and making you remember the first year in secondary school with the biggest bag ever on your shoulders and even Michael Dappah getting shutdown in a star-studded full barbershop by Alex Iwobi, even Skepta ending the video on the bike. Truly celebrating the individual styles of every person involved. Makes you want to feature in your cleanest Nike fits! Amazing campaign

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