One for the grafters: Hoodrich Lifestyle

Sometimes you just want your clothes to do the talking in the most simplistic way possible. How else are you able to let the world know that you’re grinding and making something of yourself whilst keeping it cool? Well, if suits and ties aren’t your thing, we have something for you. UK brand Hoodrich Lifestyle, showcases a number of high quality daily essentials that allows you to make that exact statement. From their Hoodrich signature caps, to their hoodies and quarter zips, we approve of the brand’s message and style. They also recently launched a female range which is even better for those all-important fits.  Hoodrich can be described as a clean, to-the-point brand. It particularly appeals to the entrepreneur in us; when you know you have a long day ahead (and maybe even long night), trying to make your brand happen, and you need to be as comfortable as possible this would be the brand of choice. This is a brand that inspires, our personal favourites from the collection are the grey OG hoodie and the signature cap, although we have to admit- they do colorful clothing very well too as we’ve seen in a  few of their pink and red items (more of that please). In essence get money, get Hoodrich, its that simple- we certainly will be!


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