Only The Blind- We See You! 

The year is drawing to a close but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any more gems from us. We’re dedicated to bringing you new brands right up until year end, just in time to kick off 2018 with a bang! 

As you know 2017 has been the year of embroidery, and while we’ve seen how high fashion has dominated this, there are other brands we wanted to shed light on. One brand in particular, showed off their vibrant floral embroidered jackets which took us right back to spring . Only The Blind, has a bold take on embroidery which make them ideal statement pieces. 

The brand’s Quixotic collection leaves us wondering what else can be embroidered! Perhaps we’ll see shorts and more hats next year. Whilst London may not be the most exotic place, the brand transports the mind to the likes of sunny L.A! 

Word on the street is, Only The Blind also does amazing sales, so be on the lookout for their next one. We’ve spotted this brand out and about and the quality is superb, we’d love to see where the brand takes this trend. They say the devil is in the detail but to be honest, these pieces look Godly!

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