OTHASOUL release &bring that UK hip-hop with ‘THE REMEDY’

London collective Othasoul come forward with their latest release ‘The Remedy’. Brutally honest boom bap Hip – Hop comes in the form of Othasoul, as they ooze cleverly articulated and soulful rhymes over carefully constructed hip – hop beats; Louis VI, Dozer Carter and DMobbs release one of the most solid projects from a UK Hip Hop collective in recent time. Spending the last year curating and creating The Remedy, Othasoul carve their own lane as Hip Hop contenders not only in the UK but globally, forging relationships that creatively overspill into collaborations on the project with double Ivor Novello award winning singer Nikki Cislyn, rapper Knytro and Soulection’s Tom Misch. With The Remedy, Othasoul show they have nothing to prove and everything to gain while becoming one of the acts to watch at the forefront of UK Hip – Hop.

Stream the tape here:

All 14 tracks have a true hip-hop sound and you can hear the uniqueness in their UK twang, Although many may try and call it conscious music with the intelligence they have in their lyrics know that it is a true sound to take in properly, so its not just the one listen.

They Say that:

OthaSoul’s tape The Remedy, a reflection on the state of the world and the struggle of their home city.



If you like it you can download it here

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